Thursday, February 17, 2022

Take Three: Inventing Anna

Inventing Anna: Season 1, Episode 3 “Two Birds, One Throne” (B+)

This episode showed us a part of Anna’s story from the vantage point of someone so wealthy that she wouldn’t try to take any action after being robbed of $400,000 because of the sheer embarrassment that she allowed it to happen. Nora wasn’t very kind to Anna, talking down to her and showing much more interest in Chase, and then asking her if she wanted to get takeout only to inform her that she would be the one physically picking it up. But Anna was smart enough to know the first time that she saw a $27,000 bill that she could easily add a few items to each order without Nora even noticing, and end up building the look and lifestyle she wanted for herself in the process. The way that she was able to work that relationship and get all the people who wouldn’t even consider her without someone else’s endorsement to create a flawless reputation was impressive, and now she’s on her way to that property she’s had her eye on the whole time. With the help of her cooperative corner colleagues, Vivian did a remarkable job of tracking down Chase, who was more than willing to share his story when he felt that he would be portrayed in a bad light. She finally wore Todd down and compelled him to step away so that she could get a look at Anna’s portfolio, and I’m eager to see how the dogged reporter is going to confront Anna to pick apart her carefully-crafted story.

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