Wednesday, February 16, 2022

What I’m Watching: Dollface

Dollface: Season 2, Episode 4 “Power Player” (B+)

This whole Wes thing is going to be a real mess since he’s always going to have to do something for Lucy, and apparently Jules’ dance calendar is very full so she doesn’t have time for last-minute rescheduling. I liked how the cat lady showed her the other side of her calendar, which featured activities such as “get a backbone” and “don’t be a doormat.” Meeting Fender when he came to pick up the guitar was an exciting development, one that of course immediately resulted in Jules imagining a focus group on her first text where the biggest takeaway was that “only psychopaths put punctuation.” Jules texting Fender to hang out when Wes asked her if she was free was a big step, though I can’t imagine she’ll be able to fully walk away from Wes before things get really uncomfortable. Celeste and Izzy bonding in the hotel room after the terrifying boss made her new right hand shower multiple times in a row to test the products was a nice surprise, and it’s good to see those two actresses getting great storylines. Madison losing her mojo sent her into a spiral, but maybe getting back together with an old friend with the right hook-ups is exactly what she needs at the moment. Stella got way too in her head about not being able to be in charge with Liv, and her purchase from the sex shop did not send the message she wanted. But they seem to have gotten through it okay, and should be able to continue both parts of their relationship without much trouble.

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