Sunday, February 13, 2022

Take Three: Angela Black

Angela Black: Season 1, Episode 3 (B+)

Things have taken a disturbing and irreversible turn, with Angela suddenly the one in the wrong who might have made everything up, at least according to those who arrested her holding a shotgun in her house and who are now evaluating her psychiatric competency. It’s especially alarming to think about this because of the many lies she made up about why she had to have dental work done, with no one except the man who may or may not really be Ed Harrison to corroborate that it was her husband who hurt her. It does all track that this was an elaborate ruse to make it seem like she was losing her mind, ironically doing exactly what Ed told her the first time before he switched to the piece about Olivier wanting to kill her, since now he will have a way to show that he needs to take full custody of the kids. Another dangerous part of all this is that, if he is orchestrating everything and she does somehow manage to get released before he moves ahead with his separation plans, he knows that she was willing to have him killed and might try to retaliate for that in a different way. It’s unsettling to think about this, and the idea that Angela could have imagined all this seems much less likely than Olivier going to great lengths to set her up so that he can look like the heroic father just trying to keep his kids safe and ensure that his distressed wife gets the help she desperately needs.

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