Monday, February 14, 2022

What I’m Watching: Pam and Tommy

Pam and Tommy: Season 1, Episode 4 “The Master Beta” (B+)

Seeing the website load so slowly on dial-up was a real blast from the past, a reminder of the era that this show is doing a great job of portraying. It took Tommy long enough to even realize that his safe was gone, and unfortunately that gave Rand plenty of time to work on distribution so that it was far too late to do anything to stop it. After Pamela expressed shock that Tommy hadn’t paid Rand and that she had refused to give him his tool box back, Don Harvey’s enforcer wasted absolutely no time in heading straight to Rand’s and demanding that he tell him where the tape was. While that wasn’t successful, it did send Rand back into a miserable tailspin, which wasn’t helped by Miltie’s unwillingness to be accountable in any way and the guy selling bootleg tapes for less money in the Tower Records parking lot. Tommy telling Pamela that it wasn’t like anyone was seeing anything they hadn’t seen before was a poor choice, and after she lost the baby, she went ballistic on the paparazzo who dared to try to photograph her in the car. Having to see the tape on set when everyone else was watching it was humiliating, and Pamela is sadly correct that, much as Tommy can’t possibly understand it, it’s much worse for her and a devastating development for her career. Things aren’t looking good for anyone at the moment, and it’s shocking that Rand is still alive and not being constantly beaten up.

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