Saturday, February 19, 2022

What I’m Watching: Euphoria

Euphoria: Season 2, Episode 6 “A Thousand Little Trees of Blood” (B+)

I expected this episode to be much more about Rue and her path towards potential sobriety, and while there was some of that, we didn’t see any more of Laurie and, because Rue is the narrator, she skipped almost entirely over Jules and Elliot under we got to see Jules at the end of the episode. Ali coming over to cook dinner for the family was a nice opportunity for him to bond with Gia, the only person he deemed eligible to help him in the kitchen due to her lack of proximity to any diarrhea. While that was a largely positive experience and Rue seems to be doing better, the final moments with Leslie pleading to get Rue into an in-patient facility were deeply troubling. This was a powerful hour for moms, with Suze giving Cassie an impactful look as she was headed out the door and Marsha telling Nate what she really thought of him. Marsha was open and honest with Nate but also fully believed that he had indeed choked Maddy despite his denials, and apparently she likes Cassie better than Maddy. Cassie was spiraling trying to convince anyone – even just her mom and her sister – that Nate and Maddy weren’t together anymore when they had started hooking up, and I was quite surprised to hear Nate call her and tell her that he loved her and that she could come stay with him. What he did to Maddy in order to get the disc to give to Jules might have seemed noble in his twisted mind, but she’s going to be reeling from that for a while. Kat engineered a sudden end to her relationship, and I think Ethan is going to be so angry about it that he’s not going to even try to fight to get her back.

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