Sunday, February 13, 2022

What I’m Watching: Angela Black

Angela Black: Season 1, Episode 4 (B)

At this point in this show’s run, just past the halfway point, I find myself wondering whether it’s just a standard revenge thriller of sorts or if it has a deeper meaning, like how “Liar” aired with a disclaimer that those affected by domestic violence or sexual assault could call a number if they were disturbed by the content. The idea that Angela has previously suffered from delusions that have caused her to put her children at risk is unsettling, and it makes it seem obvious that Olivier would have tried this course given her history since no one would have been suspicious of him in this situation. Thinking logically, agreeing to take the medication was a great choice because, if all this wasn’t just a figment of her imagination, she would know if they were real if they continued to appear once her condition couldn’t be blamed. Her life as she knows it has already been ruined, and the worst part is that she’s concerned that her children are now in the custody of someone who has hurt her and could easily express that same kind of rage towards them. Fortunately, Angela is a magnetic lead character and is very determined, and the look that came over Ed’s face as she found him on the soccer field indicates that her managing to locate him after the fact was never part of the plan. Let’s hope this hired actor is just that, and that he’s willing to help Angela take down Olivier once and for all.

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