Thursday, March 17, 2016

Round Two: Fuller House

Fuller House: Season 1, Episode 2 “Moving Day” (C-)

That’s it for me. I had hoped that I would enjoy this show as much as I liked the original, which was a good deal, but that’s just not the case. Part of it is that it’s for a younger audience, but I also think it just isn’t as entertaining as it should be for any age. What this episode did do well is to distance itself from what kept the first episode down, which was an unshakeable bond to the show that came before it, insistent on constantly referencing things that only fans of the original show would get and appreciate. This episode did have those, particularly when Uncle Jesse breezed by, but it also made a point to get to know its new characters and to check in with where its returning faces have ended up. We go to understand the dynamic between older brother Jackson and younger brother Max, which is somewhat flipped from the angelic DJ and troublemaker Stephanie. It seems inevitable that a romantic connection will develop between Jackson and Ramona if they don't start acting like brother and sister soon, but now it's all based on mutual hate. It's hard not to like Max, who's purely sweet, while Jackson is definitely the rebellious one who couldn't get too far but still managed to sneak out while Stephanie and Kimmy were babysitting, though they were too busy wrapping Stephanie's phone in Tommy Jr.'s diaper. I'm sure plenty of other people have already enjoyed this entire season - this has been more than enough for me.

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