Saturday, March 19, 2016

What I’m Watching: Girls

Girls: Season 5, Episode 3 “Japan” (B+)

I enjoyed the way this episode started out, finding Shoshanna having the time of her life in Japan, seemingly a little less vain and fake as she actually managed to learn a little Japanese. The opening title being in Japanese was fun too. Hearing her say that she’s never heard that she talks too fast was hilarious, and the hot tub chatting about whether she’d sleep with her boss (and hearing his similar simultaneous conversation too) was entertaining. Finding out that she got “managed out” rather than fired was a devastating blow, and she went off the deep end a bit with her last hurrah. Putting on the nurse’s outfit and getting into the Japanese sex club scene was an uncomfortable moment, and ultimately she got what she didn’t know she wanted all along: a romantic encounter with that boss, who was considerably nicer than all the others at the sex club. Too bad Scott was waiting at the airport for her with a sweet sign, and her not showing up prompted him to throw out his flowers. She’s on her own planet anyway, but I suspect that she won’t have a warm homecoming when she does inevitably return to New York. I liked the brief snippet of Marnie we got on her honeymoon in Ecuador (I can’t pronounce it like she can). Seeing Adam’s TV guest spot opposite Lucy Liu was fun, and it seems that his fine acting wasn’t enough to convince Jessa that they really should just go for it and explore a sexual relationship. Hannah’s reaction to Fran masturbating to pictures of his naked ex-girlfriends rather than porn was somewhat understandable, but of course she went about it in a very aggressive way, and something tells me that Fran will not be too happy to learn that she went ahead and deleted all the pictures while he was sleeping.

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