Thursday, March 10, 2016

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 2, Episode 15 “King Shark” (B+)

Usually, I prefer that animals aren’t the focus of episodes of science fiction shows, but fortunately, King Shark was a decent villain who brought out the best in all the other characters. Barry was on edge after losing Jay and failing to stop Zoom, and that aggression helped him take down King Shark in magnificent fashion, running fast on water to deal with him once and for all. He also had a difficult time warming to Wally, who we’ve already learned doesn’t inherently trust people and who in this case thought Barry was a coward since, as he saw it, he ran and hid when King Shark bit Joe’s roof off. That drama shouldn’t last long, and Barry seems to have come out of all this very determined to stop Zoom somehow. I do hope that Caitlin isn’t becoming Killer Frost, but everyone is ignoring Wells’ instructions not to talk about Earth-Two, which can’t be good. Now, to the biggest reveal from this episode – Zoom’s identity. It was one of my two theories from last week, that Zoom is actually Jay. According to an executive producer, it’s actually the Earth-One version of him, but either way, I’m very intrigued, and that’s sure to make whatever comes next when this show returns on March 22nd (just in time for me to be finally caught up with TV airing as I’m currently a full two weeks behind) extremely enticing and intense. It still doesn’t answer the question of who the man in the mask was, especially since we saw all the alter egos of our friends in Earth-Two. I’m glad that this alternate-timeline plotline is continuing, and I think it’s doing great things for a great show.

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