Sunday, March 20, 2016

What I’m Watching: Blindspot

Blindspot: Season 1, Episode 12 “Scientists Hollow Fortune” (C+)

After a decent return last week, this episode only confirmed the limited scope of answers that we’re going to get each week while receiving even more fully tangential distractions as plotlines. What served to distinguish this episode’s featured supporting storyline was that Charlie’s experiences with his memory and coming out of an amnesiac state with no understanding of why he possessed the skills he possessed so closely mirrored Jane’s own recent life. So many sights and sounds are prompting flashbacks for her these days, and it continues to be a question why she needed to wipe all of her memories if she was only going to slowly recover them anyway. My continuing theory is that she had to really seem like she didn’t know who she was, otherwise she could have been detected as an enemy agent. Even though she’s not moving ahead with her relationship with Kurt, he did have a major breakthrough with his dad, who confessed that the reason his shoes were muddy when he came back from what was assumed to be his murder of Taylor Shaw was that he had tried to kill himself. That certainly was not expected, and it’s going to shift Kurt’s worldview in a big way. Speaking of Weller family drama, Sarah’s mystery boyfriend turned out to be someone we know pretty well: Edgar. While he’s a respectable guy who is probably much likelier to gain Kurt’s approval as Sarah’s boyfriend than anyone else, I suspect that our headstrong FBI agent won’t react too well to the inevitable news that I can’t imagine will end up being broken in the controlled setting Edgar and Sarah would like it to be revealed.

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