Friday, March 18, 2016

What I’m Watching: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Season 6, Episode 12 “Not Tomorrow Yet” (B+)

I’m pleased to report that this episode managed to feature just about every character who’s still alive on this show, which was a real rarity and a treat given its penchant for focusing on just one or two players each hour, sometimes going multiple episodes without seeing them again. Fortunately, this episode started out in Alexandria and checked in with the likes of Carol and Morgan, bidding farewell to romantic Denise and others in the town as a pretty large contingent went on their second consecutive away mission, this time to take out Negan’s people preemptively before they had the chance to hit them. The strike went pretty smoothly, and there was a certain grim efficiency to it all as they just went around killing people, most of whom were defenseless and sleeping. Watching Glenn kill a living person was difficult, and representative of the brutality that every member of our group has had to accept now that they’ve realized the world they live in. Rick, Michonne, Darryl, and Carol were already there, and while Glenn wasn’t anywhere near as much of a pacifist as Morgan, he still hadn’t crossed a certain line that he now has clearly gone over. It’s affirming to know that Jesus is actually quite trustworthy and helpful in the middle of a tense situation when it comes to showing up and saving the day. Unfortunately, it seems that our friends couldn’t maintain the upper hand, and now Maggie and Carol may be in serious trouble.

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