Sunday, March 13, 2016

What I’m Watching: Girls

Girls: Season 5, Episode 2 “Good Man” (B+)

I am really liking this show this season. The opening scene was strange, to be sure, but it took a fantastic turn right before the opening credits rolled when Hannah agreed to cover up one exposed area only to show another more than her houseguest would have liked. Fran seemed pretty cool about Elijah and Hannah making out in front of him despite his objections, and I’d like to think that even Hannah is aware enough that it’s not an okay thing to do while in a relationship. Elijah, it appears, will have his own romance going forward, as the object of desire for a famous newscaster played by the fantastic Corey Stoll from “House of Cards.” Elijah is also doing a remarkably terrible job of working at Ray’s coffee shop, though Ray didn’t do much better when we went over to give his lid-snobbing competitors a piece of his mind. Hannah spent pretty much the whole episode dealing with her father, who left his wallet at a one-night stand’s apartment. It’s funny because Ethan Phillips and Peter Scolari actually look a bit alike, and naturally Hannah would strike up a conversation with the nice guy with the New York-sized apartment where her father left his wallet after taking off his pants. I’m so interested in this new romance that involves Adam and Jessa, who are great for each other despite their intentions to destroy each other’s lives, and who are doing their best to circumvent the rules of polite society that prevent them from engaging in a romance due to the existence of one Hannah Horvath, who Laird summed up very well in his conversation with Adam.

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