Tuesday, March 15, 2016

What I’m Watching: The Grinder

The Grinder: Season 1, Episode 17 “From the Ashes” (B)

Who would have thought that, as soon as the Grinder appeared to be out of their lives, Stewart would try so hard to get his brother’s ego back? While Dean may be absurd, his ability to notice things and solve problems by posing wild questions can be pretty helpful. Enlisting Jason Alexander’s Cliff Bemis to help by having him show up and egg Dean on by pretending that a brilliant plotline was all his idea was a smart plan, and I like that Stewart decided it was worth sacrificing the firm’s hottest lawyer – apparently Todd, not Claire – and forcing him to go on a date with Cliff, though he didn’t seem to have much clue what was going on. It’s about time that Dean actually enrolled in law school, though naturally it means that he just shows up late for class mid-semester and the entire course restarts from the beginning for his benefit since the professor and the students are in complete admiration of him. His study group proved productive, and it didn’t take him long to realize what Stewart was up to. Breaking up with Jillian was a good step, and I think it’s fine that we’re done with the overplayed character, however much I usually like Maya Rudolph. Stewart and Debbie running out of things to talk about because they spent all day together at work was a great relatable plotline, and I like that Claire also laughed when her advice backfired since she’s notoriously bad at giving advice and fully cognizant of that handicap.

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