Thursday, March 24, 2016

What I’m Watching: Billions

Billions: Season 1, Episode 8 “Boasts and Rails” (B+)

It’s fascinating to see Chuck and Axe interact outside of their vicious work setting, with Axe getting the chance to play the hero and arrange for Chuck’s kid to get a baseball signed. Chuck and Wendy’s relationship dynamic has been repaired considerably as their lines of communication have opened up, and it’s great to hear them being very honest as they explore their options for the future. Chuck’s thirst for taking down those who feel entitled to live however they want won’t allow him to accept any of the plum offers that he’s received, and it’s interesting to know that Wendy might really have left her job had he opted to take one of those other positions. Telling Wendy how much he hates Axe was a particularly enlightening moment. She stood up to Axe when he tried to use her a human lie detector, but it appears that he’s actually been playing Chuck the whole time, planting Donnie as a double agent who’s really working for him! That’s an unfortunate game-changer, and it means that poor Brian, who is crossing lines left and right to try to impress Chuck while his boss and mentor is trying to get him moved off the case, is going to see his career damaged tremendously when his entire case falls apart. It’s amazing to hear Axe admit freely that he did play the system when he saw an opportunity to make $750 million in a day that could be used for the surviving families of his company when he was about to be let go, fully unapologetic and ready to own a controversial revelation.

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