Friday, March 11, 2016

What I’m Watching: iZombie

iZombie: Season 2, Episode 14 “Eternal Sunshine of the Caffeinated Mind” (B+)

We’ve seen a lot of different Livs over time, and though this might be one of the blandest, it’s still wonderful to see Liv being so positive. I also like that Ravi was a patron at the coffee shop where the owner got murdered, and it was a shame to see him realize that the barista who always flirted with him wasn’t remotely intellectually compatible with him. It was a treat to see Clive so invested in the case, so upset that the victim’s daughter got her fake French boyfriend to take the fall for the murder when he was merely a pawn. There were two major bombshells dropped in this episode, one that was news to us and the other which managed to shock two of our main characters. The first was that Drake, who seemed like Boss’ number one guy, is actually an undercover cop! That’s great news, since Liv could use a good person in her life. It was fun to see Enrico Colantoni, a familiar face from creator Rob Zombie’s previous TV sensation, “Veronica Mars,” as the cop handling Drake when he came in to be debriefed. It was inevitable that Gilda and Major would come face-to-face with each other in Liv’s presence, but I don’t think Gilda expected Major to casually call her Rita, leading Liv to get just about as angry as she possibly could with going full zombie-mode. Oh, and Blaine got taken out by Boss, but he is most certainly not dead.

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