Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What I’m Watching: Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow: Season 1, Episode 8 “Night of the Hawk” (B+)

It’s an interesting concept to be able to travel back to a time before they ran into Savage and gave away who they are, and I suspect that, once repairs to the ship are made and they’re able to recover the whole group, they’ll try to use that strategy of encountering him further back in time so that he doesn’t see them coming. It was pretty jarring for Kendra to open the front door of her new home in the 1950s and see a smiling, well-kempt Savage introducing himself as a neighbor. It’s not clear what happened to Savage when he fell out the window after getting shot, and it’s very worrisome to think that three of our friends are now stranded in 1958. Everyone was so casual about the rampant racism and sexism of the time, joking about it with Jax’s comment about dipping fries in milkshakes and Sara telling Stein to get her coffee. There are bigger things to worry about, of course, like boyfriends turning into mutant hawk creatures. Sara helping her fellow lesbian nurse feel good about her identity was nice, and it’s good to see her human side a bit. As far as lighter moments go, I love that Ray was perfectly happy to eat the casserole that Savage brought over. That relationship is progressing pretty fast due to their time playing house, and they seem to be in a good place, save for that whole being left behind thing. Chronos keeps showing up at exactly the wrong moment, and this time he got way too close, which suggests worrisome tidings to come for all members of our team.

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