Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What I’m Watching: Shameless

Shameless: Season 6, Episode 9 “A Yurt of One’s Own” (B+)

I’m relieved to see that things weren’t nearly as bad as they seemed between Sean and Fiona when the episode started, and by the end everything was much, much better. Nothing worse could have happened after Gus showed up to request a peaceful and very civil divorce than Fiona trying to take legal action against him since she couldn’t buy the ring back, and what a relief it was therefore for Sean to show up and do the most inappropriate thing of all – propose during a meeting about her divorce – effectively negating all the problems and setting them up for what will hopefully be a lifetime of happiness. Lip’s going a little crazy at school with all the girls, and ending up in the hospital because of alcohol poisoning seemed only to faze him because he was going to have to pay for the cost of the ambulance. Seeing Mandy as he came back in to the Gallagher house was jarring, and her appearance in general was a strange throwback to times when the Gallagher brothers were in a very different place. Carl’s headed in a better direction now that he’s dropped his punk act, and I love that he went downstairs to ask Lip or Ian if they had any condoms when the one his new girlfriend brought proved not to be enough. Ian’s relationship continues to be a positive one, and they seem to be on a pretty even playing field when it comes to revealing their secrets and trusting each other. Kev and Veronica are in serious trouble if they lose Svetlana thanks to the arrival of an immigration officer, and I’m sure that Svetlana and Veronica pretending to be a couple will be plenty entertaining. Frank’s time on the commune is definitely fun to watch, and now he’s interested in helping out with the generator because he realizes exactly what it powers. Deb is also having some growing pains, and I can’t imagine this commune life will last too long for the Gallaghers.

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