Monday, March 7, 2016

What I’m Watching: Shameless

Shameless: Season 6, Episode 7 “Pimp’s Paradise” (B+)

How quickly things move on this show, specifically when it comes to where the Gallagher children are living. Fiona got tired of dealing with her unappreciative siblings and her obnoxious father, and so she readily accepted Sean’s offer to move in with him. Lip got thrown out of his dorm because he defaced the wall, and he had a plum gig cleaning up in a sorority house only a few hours later. He’s still hung up on Helene, but it seems pretty certain that Sasha Alexander won’t be appearing again after her abrupt goodbye following her hearing last week. Debs was ready to get busy with her new employer after asking Carl for some advice on gay sex due to his time spent in prison, and then she blurted out her age and sexual orientation before running home to be the pawn in Frank’s latest scheme. She and Queenie seem to get along quite well, and I can only imagine how Debs will turn out with much mentoring from her. Frank defending Chucky’s right to present on Adolf Hitler was both brilliant and absurd, as usual. Chucky didn’t quite capture the essence of Mein Kampf but definitely extracted a few somewhat correct concepts. It was nice to see Ian do well in a nonviolent, positive setting, and he may well have a normal romance in his future. It was also great to see the hard-working Kev plan a romantic if dangerous, poorly-researched, and seedy getaway for a wonderfully appreciative Veronica.

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