Friday, March 25, 2016

What I’m Watching: Blindspot

Blindspot: Season 1, Episode 13 “Erase Weary Youth” (C+)

I’m starting to get tired of this show, though this episode was definitely different than previous installments. The questionably cast John Hodgman was back in this hour as Fisher, who decided to close down the entire operation being managed by Mayfair to go after a mole who in the end turned out to be him, which was a twist I didn’t see coming but didn’t necessarily buy either. Mayfair’s orders for Weller to investigate the identity of the mole discreetly dissipated almost immediately thanks to the arrival of the less subtle Agent Sloane and then Fisher’s outright stupid disregard for any discretion. It’s very true that both Jane and Tasha have plenty to hide, and I’d think that having your memory erased is a better excuse than just being bad at tests. Though they didn’t share much screentime, this was a “Banshee” reunion of sorts with Afton Williamson as Agent Sloane and Trieste Kelly Dunn as Allison, who somehow got in during a lockdown but then couldn’t get out due to high security. The Russian agent getting killed by her lawyer brought back one of this show’s more memorable plotlines, and it seems that all that has made Jane angry enough to stop trusting Oscar and decide it’s better to cut him loose than keep playing the games he insists she created. Weller coolly telling Edgar to break up with his sister was a calmer reaction than I might have expected, but not a productive one. It seems that Weller has more serious things to worry about, but he doesn’t know that yet since Mayfair and Edgar are going to be operating with something no one in this hour knew anything about: discretion.

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