Sunday, March 6, 2016

What I’m Watching: Downton Abbey (Penultimate Episode)

Downton Abbey: Season 6, Episode 8 (B+)

With just one episode left to go in this show, it’s great that the runtimes are getting longer and almost all ground is being covered. The big event in this episode, which did have quite a few monumental developments, was that Edith finally aired her feelings about Mary. It was a horrible thing for Mary to force Edith to tell Bertie about Marigold in the most awful of settings, and though he’s a very kind man, he couldn’t accept the fact that Edith was going to keep it from him. I’d like to think that she would ultimately have told him before the wedding, but now Mary has ruined it all. Naturally, she just feels bad for herself, and somehow she ends up as the one getting married, with Edith being the bigger person and showing up for the ceremony. I’m sure everyone is hopeful that things will work out and that Bertie will return to take Edith back. Thomas’ suicide attempt was a sad inevitability, and it’s at least good that his actions have caused Robert and Carson to decide to keep him on for the time being. Mosley’s first class was a depressing disaster, and it was so nice to see him confess his servant class identity to his students and win their respect. Mrs. Hughes calling Carson her curmudgeon was sweet, and it’s an affirming sign that their marriage will last. Mrs. Patmore’s bed and breakfast being tainted by a scandal was an unfortunate and amusing obstacle, and fortunately that was quickly rectified by Robert’s immediate offer to help by visiting and being photographed. I have a feeling that the series finale will be great, and I look forward to watching it!

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