Tuesday, March 15, 2016

What I’m Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 5, Episode 9 “Heat Wave” (B+)

Remember last week when I wasn’t so enthusiastic about Megan Fox’s acting abilities? This week, I’ve changed my tune entirely. She was completely in sync with Jake Johnson as they bantered back and forth about how his fan system wasn’t all that incredible and that he really had a crush on her. It’s definitely going to make things awkward when Jess comes back if Reagan is still there, but the buildup to their kiss at the end of this episode rivaled the prelude to Jess and Nick starting to date, and it made for great entertainment. Using a heat wave to frame the episode was fun, and it helped a few issues bubble to the top, namely Nick and his absurd stubbornness that prompted Reagan, who may or may not reciprocate his feelings, to spend time trying to convincing him that he was being ridiculous and should take advantage of the air-conditioned luxury she was offering. Schmidt pushing Cece to go after her dreams and go on the audition was good since it was much less outrageous than his usual antics, and I like that she did go but that it went terribly since she got pretty drunk right beforehand. I don’t like Schmidt and Cece being mad at each other, and therefore her disappearing immediately and showing back up only after she was over it worked out nicely. Winston working on his cop voice was a very Winston-style thing to do, keeping him mildly occupied and tangentially involved with the other goings-on of the episode.

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