Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What I’m Watching: Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin: Season 2, Episode 15 “Chapter Thirty-Seven” (B)

It’s a relief that all this drama with Rogelio being held captive is finally over, especially after it nearly turned deadly when a furious Lola decided that it was time for them to stage and film their murder-suicide. Michael coming to the rescue was a nice touch, particularly since Rogelio got so excited when he heard over the phone that Jane and Michael had gotten engaged but he wasn’t able to convey that sentiment to his daughter at the time. Breaking down to Jane after trying to keep all his feelings bottled up for the big interview was a sentimental moment, and this will help bring him down to a more human and less artificial level. Rogelio’s support of the engagement was not at all matched by Michael’s parents disapproval of the unreliable Jane who broke Michael’s heart a year earlier, and while Michael was expected to make a stand to his parents about not caring what he thought, Jane doing that was a refreshing surprise. All this business with the curse involving Pablo is a bit silly, though I do appreciate this show’s commitment to the devices that it likes to use and invoke for any given period of time. I like seeing Rafael and Petra as parents, but it’s worrisome that Rafael always seems to have new babies around just when a suspicious member of his extended family has suddenly resurfaced. And #teamrafael suffered a huge blow in this episode when Rafael did just about the stupidest thing he could have done, which was to call Michael and tell him that he trusted his half-brother with that same sibling listening in on the call.

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