Thursday, March 31, 2016

What I’m Watching: Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul: Season 2, Episode 6 “Bali Ha’i” (B+)

I’m pretty impressed that this episode made it more than halfway through the hour without showing its protagonist. It’s a sign of a strong show that it’s able to multitask and really delve into its supporting characters, and the best benefit of that this season is the spotlight on Kim Wexler. After her early morning meeting with Chuck, she managed to get back onto the ground floor rather than be stuck forever in the basement, but however good she looked in Chuck’s eyes, Howard seemed very upset that she had spoken to him instead. Refusing to speak to or acknowledge her was especially harsh, and it was certainly enough to make her seriously consider taking her career elsewhere. She got quite the offer from Rick Schweikart, and while I suspect it can’t be as good as it seems, it’s definitely a step up from being ignored and stepped on in her current position. I love that she called Jimmy to tell him that she had a live one on the hook, and that she didn’t even cash the check he wrote them, choosing instead to save it as a souvenir. Jimmy, who had to go through the monotony of being micromanaged during the most unbearably tedious task, got a nice moment of satisfaction when he took a crowbar to the cupholder, and he’s not likely to get in trouble until he loses his job and has to give the slightly modified car back. Mike fought off intimidation with ease at first, but threatening his family changed things completely. That he still negotiated $50,000 out of it, half of which he gave to Nacho, was commendable, but it’s not good that he’s now so involved with that business.

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