Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What I’m Watching: Quantico

Quantico: Season 1, Episode 13 “Clear” (C-)

For agents that are supposed to be highly trained and at the top of their class, it seems unthinkable to me that they would simply presume that a mastermind terrorist who has managed to convince all but one person that he or she doesn’t even exist would make the stupid mistake of leaving a computer traceable and then unattended for the FBI agents to find. Now Alex is doubly screwed because her one ally is dead and she didn’t tell anyone else that she had been contacted by the real terrorist. This threat is far too omniscient, able to send her pictures seconds after she burst into Ryan’s apartment in hysterics yet somehow invisible to the entire world. I also don’t quite believe that the past as we’re getting to know it is going to end up aligning with the future that we’ve already seen happen, and that’s going to create serious continuity problems because events that we see in flashbacks will contradict what previous versions of the future have already shown. The addition of this other class didn’t do much for this episode, introducing three new characters who got to flirt a lot and then show that they’re just as flawed and vulnerable as the classmates we know. Though I still believe it would be illegitimate to make one of them the terrorist, it’s obvious that it’s not Will, whose mysterious dresser hunt cancels out his inevitable guilt, or Iris, who is suspicious but also inherently good despite her fierce exterior. I don’t see former footballer Drew as the guy either. This is definitely my least favorite role for Eliza Coupe, who is usually so fantastic but is stuck in a dull part as Ryan’s ex-wife who really doesn’t like Alex and is doing absolutely nothing to help Alex’s efforts to stop a terrorist from killing everyone she holds dear.

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