Thursday, July 14, 2016

Emmy Nominees: Best Comedy Series

My predictions: 5/7, picking “The Big Bang Theory” and “Girls” over “Black-ish” and “Master of None”

So, as predicted, the five eligible nominees from last year are all back. Veep surged to a whopping seventeen nominations, while Silicon Valley got up to seven. Transparent dropped slightly to ten, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt fell from seven to four. Most notably, Modern Family, which scored between ten and seventeen nominations for five years in a row, picked up just four, with this and a bid for Ty Burrell its only major mentions. Instead of two past nominees that picked up seven nods (“The Big Bang Theory”) and a grand total of zero (“Girls”), we get two new inclusions. Black-ish moved up from just a nod for series star Anthony Anderson last year to add a lead actress nod and this bid, keeping up this category’s two-for-seven broadcast network representation. And finally, we get Master of None, a show I’ll be happiest for if it submits the episodes that I really liked rather than the ones others did. Should “Casual” have been here? Yes. And “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” too? Yes. But is this a decent list. Sure!

Who should win? Probably “Silicon Valley,” actually.
Who will win? Given its nominations showing, it will be Veep again.

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