Friday, July 29, 2016

Round Two: Vice Principals

Vice Principals: Season 1, Episode 2 “A Trusty Steed” (B)

This was inarguably an engaging episode, but I think the sophistication of the plot and the humor isn’t quite as evolved as I might have hoped. That’s not to suggest that I would have expected to see Neal and Lee destroying every item in Dr. Brown’s home and then topping it all off with Lee lighting a match so that her house burnt down. I guess it means, if nothing else, that these guys mean business and aren’t going to stop in their quest to destroy the boss that they’ve somehow managed to suck up to enough that she no longer perceives them as a threat. Neal’s weakness is that he shows his reaction to everything she says to her, while Lee can’t control how he tries to mimic what she says while she’s facing the other direction. They make a truly suspicious team, especially when they come together for secret meetings in the woods. I enjoyed the visit to Lee’s home where Neal, thinking it was Dr. Brown’s home, launched in with the derogatory comments, which of course prompted verbal retribution from Lee. Together, the two of them are a force to be reckoned with, equally skilled at sabotage and self-destruction. I can’t decide if it’s more fun to see them fighting or conspiring together. Neal being forced to fire the inefficient front office secretary with Dr. Brown’s spy lapdog present was not a pretty sight, and he managed to make her feel like a terrible person, securing his present status but ruining any connection he had with her in the process.

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