Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What I’m Watching: Dark Matter

Dark Matter: Season 2, Episode 4 “We Were Family” (B+)

After we saw what the crew used to be like, it’s pretty incredible to see the difference in their behavior now. That couldn’t be truer than with Three, who was always the gruffest and seemingly baddest of the bunch, but who now won’t even consider the option of kidnapping a man’s son to motivate him to help with a job. Eagerly throwing back in with his old crew seemed a little too easy, and killing his former mentor because he realized that the reasons that he followed him weren’t part of the person that he now is was a satisfying and respectable decision. I love that the Android made some new friends in the form of enhanced androids who seem much more human, and I wish that there could be a crossover with “Humans” and she could meet similar characters from that show. I look forward to seeing how she starts acting more human and the members of the crew begin to notice. Speaking of things that aren’t necessarily human, I’m just as intrigued as Four by Nyx’s ability to learn things right away and inherit skills in a masterful, seemingly impossible way. Five was inventive and on the ball with her decision to surveil Nero, and now it looks like they’re rid of that threat since they discovered his treachery and left him behind. A bigger and more dangerous war awaits, apparently, but that will come in due time. With Nero off the ship, Devon and Nyx are proving to be dependable allies.

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