Sunday, July 24, 2016

What I’m Watching: Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan: Season 4, Episode 4 “Federal Boobie Inspector” (B+)

I was expecting to see this episode’s title prominently displayed at some point, but instead it happened in a flash as the “FBI” letters on the back of a careless skateboarder’s t-shirt caught Ray’s eye and made him think twice about how to handle his Sonia problem. Seeing him go to the batting cages to get out his aggression rather than react with brute force right away really is so interesting, and while he’s all about the blackmail and manipulation of events around him, he’s trying to restrain his violent impulses. Bringing Ezra back into the storyline felt like a blast from the past, and getting Belikov out of jail seems like it will be relatively easy compared to how complicated it could be. Ed forcing Ray to sing karaoke as partial payment for his services was a great moment, and it was sweet to see Abby and Ray sing and dance together as the episode faded to black. Those two are being very honest with each honest these days, particularly when it comes to Abby and her little tryst with Lena’s cancer doctor ex-girlfriend. Mickey’s trip back to Los Angeles didn’t come as free of charge as he thought, but it seems that he has a surprising partner in Ray to help him pull off his latest job. Bunchy eagerly asking Ray to be the godfather and celebrating his father’s return did not go over well with Teresa, and her expressed desire to go back to Bakersfield is likely to come up again very soon. Terry is determined to train Damon, and he’s not giving up until he helps him to realize his potential.

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