Tuesday, July 5, 2016

What I’m Watching: Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley: Season 3, Episode 9 “Daily Active Users” (B+)

We’re getting into very dangerous territory here. Celebrating 500,000 users downloading Pied Piper was an indisputable milestone, but the harsh truth that only 19,000 of them were daily active users definitely spelled trouble. Richard’s inability to comprehend why those who aren’t enthusiastic techies didn’t like the platform is exactly why they’re in this predicament, and it was difficult to watch him burst into the focus group and yell at every one of them that they weren’t smart enough to understand why it was so great. That he sat down with them for what felt like hours to break it all down was impressive, but it does mean that there’s far too much that needs to be explained to the average user. I actually think that the animated pied piper would be a terrific addition, since it’s just what an ordinary person would need to help them understand something so complex that boils down to something so simple. Unfortunately, Jared decided to go a different route and pay for invented daily active users, and that can’t possibly turn out well. Gavin allying himself with Jack was probably inevitable, and he celebrated the occasion with a vindictive animal presentation to the board that was gullible enough to reappoint him CEO of Hooli. I can only imagine what craziness lies ahead in the season finale, and I suspect that it’s goes to be a rollercoaster of events that will end on a very uncertain note leading into an assuredly entertaining and wild season four.

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