Saturday, July 16, 2016

What I’m Watching: Veep (Season Finale)

Veep: Season 5, Episode 10 “Inauguration” (B+)

Well, this is not how I expected this to go, and I have no idea where this show goes from here. After Mike announced publicly that Selina would never be veep again, she reluctantly agreed to be Tom’s vice president after he refused to consider appointing her secretary of state. And then things combusted in a big way and Tom didn’t even win. Instead, we got Laura Montez, a woman who is very much purely American yet insists on trying to paint herself as Mexican despite Selina’s constant attempts to point out that she is very much not that. I wasn’t sure it was her at first, but how fantastic is it that the versatile Andrea Savage, who may also be joining “iZombie” in a recurring role, is now playing the president of the United States? Doyle’s betrayal made sense, and Selina can’t be surprised given how she treats people. Mike getting a six-year-old Chinese kid rather than a baby is pretty absurd, but it’s hardly shocking that he wouldn’t even notice her age. Gary losing it and cursing everyone out for not being loyal to Selina was quite a show, and something tells me he’s going to take home his third Emmy for that scene. Jonah requesting hot interns and ending up with guys that he really liked was entertaining, and I love that Richard was the one who, late at night, shared a drink with Selina as she was preparing to transition to her new life. This wasn’t this show’s best season, but it was still plenty of fun.

Season grade: B+
Season MVP: Sam Richardson as Richard

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