Thursday, July 14, 2016

Emmy Nominees: Best Guest Actor in a Drama Series

My predictions: 3/6, missing Ali, Azari, and Sparks

Well, call this a good day for “House of Cards,” which reached back up to its record high of 13 nominations this year. Where I am in the season right now, neither last year’s winner Reg E. Cathey or Paul Sparks have appeared yet, and I’m totally behind recognition of Mahershala Ali, who has been a consistent strong recurring player since season one. Michael J. Fox (The Good Wife) represents one of his show’s two total acting nominations, whereas Max von Sydow (Game of Thrones) was one of six for his show. Rounding out the list is an actor who just missed my list last year, Hank Azaria (Ray Donovan), for a great performance on a truly underrated show. I’m surprised B.D. Wong didn’t make the cut, and also disappointed that Josh Charles isn’t here, though this is a perfectly good list.

Who should win? I have to finish this season of “House of Cards” and I’ll revisit this.
Who will win? I think it’s finally going to be Fox.

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