Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What I’m Watching: Dark Matter

Dark Matter: Season 2, Episode 2 “Kill Them All” (B+)

This episode caught me off guard for a number of reasons, but all in a relatively good way. First of all, it was very action-packed, and this intergalactic prison fortress seems to be a thing of the past since our friends and their new friends pulled off a daring escape in a very small window of time. There was no amendment to the scene that we saw at the end of last episode – One really is dead. And things aren’t looking great for Six either, who came back around to the good side of things once he realized that the Galactic Authority was even more evil than the crew of the Raza was alleged to be. That’s the cool ethical hook of this show, since even the kindest and most genuine of characters, Five, had no problem ordering the Android to “kill them all,” a scene which took me by surprise since that’s not like her in any way. That’s it for Franka Potente’s Chief Inspector Shaddick, and now the crew with their newfound friends will have other enemies to worry about as they get away from their current predicament as quickly as possible. I liked the eye exchange of prison schematics that Three received, and Two did a spectacular job of using her secret abilities to her advantage and taking down all the prison guards when she made it to the control room. I’m eager to get to know the new members of the crew and see how long they last as renegade criminals on the run.

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