Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What I’m Watching: Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll

Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll: Season 2, Episode 2 “Rebel Rebel” (B+)

I’m honestly surprised that it took this show this long to get to the topic of threesomes and just how casually all of its characters treat the idea of inviting an extra person into their bedrooms. I love that Johnny was the one who suggested couples therapy and Ava overruled him, citing her desire for a threesome. Of course everyone in the group would be well aware of Flash’s inability to contain his excitement during a threesome decades earlier, and this would be normal breakfast table conversation for this crew. Gigi’s view that it would be helpful to have someone else there to take over if she got distracted by her phone was pretty hilarious. Her awkward behavior when she went after the girl Flash found, singer Davvy, who was fantastically played by Rebecca Naomi Jones, was even more entertaining, and I enjoyed the way that it progressed and nearly fizzled out until they got some inspiration from Ava’s experience. Johnny brushing his teeth and drinking gallons of mouthwash while the girls were getting started without him was funny, and then he ruined the moment by getting excited too quickly, but they didn’t mind and just kept going without him, exiling him to the kitchen where he in turn got asked to leave the apartment so that Gigi could have some fun. This episode was best summed up by the line, “Don’t want to die monogamous, right?” Only this show could pull it off like this, and what a spectacular job it did without being too explicit.

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