Sunday, January 8, 2017

Golden Globe Reactions

Just a brief paragraph about tonight's show, which was overall quite enjoyable. Whereas I managed to see every film that won a Globe in the film categories, I did pitifully with my TV. I like "Goliath" and I'm very happy for Billy Bob Thornton, and I was also excited for "Atlanta" and star Donald Glover. Beyond that, I've seen a few episodes of Tracie Ellis Ross' work (I think she was my dead last pick), and I've barely seen anything from the other three big winners: "The Crown," "The Night Manager," and "The People vs. OJ Simpson." Oh well! It's just too bad that Thandie Newton didn't win for "Westworld," but I do love Olivia Colman so I'm sure her award was well-deserved. I got 6/11, which is pretty standard for me but also not too great if you think about it.

Next up awards-wise: the SAG Awards three weeks from tonight. Maybe I'll try to sample "The Crown" and "Stranger Things" before then. Oscar predictions aplenty coming this week over at

Next up here: I'm finally caught up on my TV and just watching this past week's shows. Stay tuned for regular reviews every day as shows return.

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