Thursday, January 12, 2017

What I’m Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 6, Episode 12 “The Cubicle” (B-)

It’s definitely true that only a few of these characters ever really appear at work, and Jess is pretty much the only one who actually does anything when she’s at her job. I suppose Winston is a cop, but when he’s being celebrated with song and dance by his colleagues as the COW, it’s hard to take him and his work ethic seriously. Cece is someone we almost never see at her job, and therefore this was an unexpected spotlight on her new career managing male models. Hiring Donovan to be the face of the police academy was relatively clever, yet somehow he managed to get inspired to quit his job and apply to police school, a short-lived notion that Cece managed to talk him out of with a stirring speech just in time to get him to show up to save the day at Schmidt’s workplace. Schmidt getting her a home office was sweet, though his performance spectacle obviously wasn’t what she wanted when she finally had a chance to focus. There’s a whole lot of separation between $400 and $200,000, and I’m not sure why Robby couldn’t have picked a less suspiciously low number. It’s also not clear why he wouldn’t just pay it all outright if he really does have all this money. As it progresses, I’m not becoming more fond of Robby and Jess as a couple, with him idealizing her representing their latest big problem. Reagan and Nick didn’t accomplish much in this installment, but the idea of Reagan falling asleep when she finally read Nick’s book was mildly entertaining and served its purpose well enough.

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