Monday, January 9, 2017

What I’m Watching: Good Behavior

Good Behavior: Season 1, Episode 9 “For You I’d Go with Strawberry” (B+)

It’s hard to predict where things will go on this show since it has a tremendous ability to bring things back at just the moment that you never expected them to pop up. It’s a good thing that Javier decided that killing Sean wasn’t the right move - a choice he didn’t hesitate to make - and that he opted instead to go meet him in a diner, something that didn’t go particularly well. Heading straight into custody hearings didn’t take long, and the mediator wanting to speak to Jacob alone first was an interesting and worrisome move. He was pretty honest about the questionable pasts of both his birth parents and the guardians who were currently taking care of him, and his repetition of Rob’s sex joke was cringeworthy. The mediator suggesting that it would be good for him to be with his father because their skin is the same color got everyone pretty upset, and Sean tried to make relative peace with Letty that didn’t work at all. The sight of Letty sitting in her underwear in her motel room drinking heavily was disconcerting, and I thought much more was going to happen when Sean stopped by then just a bit of emotionless, hateful sex. Letty pushed Javier away even though he was trying to help, and him coming in to find her next to Sean was not helpful. Christian showing up at her mom’s door with Agent Lashever in tow was bad news, and though Letty stuck to her story and didn’t admit anything, it’s obvious that the jig is up. Javier cutting ties with her couldn’t come at a worse time, and right now it looks like she gave him up, which is sure to lead to an eventful and emotional finale.

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