Sunday, January 29, 2017

What I’m Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 6, Episode 14 “The Hike” (B-)

It’s possible that I’m totally off, but I feel like moving things mostly out of the loft has weakened this show. It’s not that there was a wealth of material to be covered in there, but now it just feels a lot more random and less focused. I’m not sure why it is that Aly needs to be such an infrequently-seen character, and I hope that the next time she appears (soon, ideally) will just be a regular instance of her having fun with Winston. Leave it to her over-the-top boyfriend to think that she’d want to see her entire family upon her return, but it ended up being pretty sweet since she saw that he was totally into her regardless of whatever craziness she had with her sister. The two of them were fun together, and seeing Aly being competitive and even a bit mean was probably the highlight of the episode. Schmidt and Cece fretting about having no rules in the house was a nice boding opportunity for them, and I like that the cops they called to break up the party knew Winston and Aly and just came on in to be part of the fun. I’m glad that the relationship between Robby and Jess is finally over, and of course it would have to end because they had too much in common, or that they were actually related to each other and had met years earlier at a family reunion without knowing it. Let’s move on, please.

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