Saturday, January 21, 2017

What I’m Watching: Life in Pieces

Life in Pieces: Season 2, Episode 11 “Tailgate Spiral Souvenir Seating” (B+)

Even though I’m not a fan of sports, it was cool that this entire episode took place in the same location. I’d say that the opening segment was by far the weakest, though it wasn’t so bad. It was fun to see Colleen try so hard for tailgaiting to be their thing despite her lack of attention to the importance of the clam dip (which might have been sent to spam because of the word clam), and Matt’s suggestion that maybe their thing can be not hosting anything was probably the right one. Everyone mishearing and thinking there was steak was funny, and Matt’s subsequent location of impolite kleptomaniac Kurt Warner proved to be an enormously effective distraction. Greg being selected to participate in a halftime fan challenge could have been a recipe for physical comedy, but instead it was a hilarious overview of all the things that Matt taught him wrong to balance them out, like a white border on a stop sign meaning it’s optional and that putting chewing gum behind your ear improves your balance. The fact that Greg managed to throw a spiral but didn’t hear the actual rules was a great coda. Tim taking Sophia to the bathroom and entertaining her during the game made for a very sweet moment where he connected with her by teaching her about football. Jen bringing Joan down to better seats under the pretense that she knew that her company owned them was great, and I much preferred her intimidation of two would-be seat-snatchers over Joan freaking out when the mascot tried to get her to dance.