Thursday, January 5, 2017

Golden Globe Winner Predictions: Best Actress in a TV Series – Comedy/Musical

The competition: Rachel Bloom’s singing lawyer (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ sarcastic vice-president (Veep), Sarah Jessica Parker’s malcontent wife (Divorce), Issa Rae’s hard-working millennial (Insecure), Gina Rodriguez’s spunky pregnant virgin (Jane the Virgin), and Tracee Ellis Ross’ strong matriarch (Black-ish).

For your information: I couldn’t be more thrilled that both Bloom, who won last year, and Rodriguez, who won the year before, are back for their continued fantastic performances on the CW. Louis-Dreyfus, despite winning five consecutive Emmys for her current role, is 0 for 4 at the Globes, with just one win for “Seinfeld” twenty-two years ago. Parker, on the other hand, has won four trophies in this category alone, and now contends for the first time in over a decade for her new HBO show, joined by first-time nominee Rae. This is also the first nomination for Ross. “Black-ish” and “Veep” are nominated for Best TV Series – Comedy or Musical.

Who should win? All really great choices actually. I’d probably pick Rae, though Bloom or Rodriguez would make me happy too.

Who will win? I feel like it has to be Parker.

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