Sunday, January 29, 2017

What I’m Watching: Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin: Season 3, Episode 8 “Chapter Fifty-Two” (B+)

It’s been almost two months since this show was last on the air, and I had almost forgotten completely about it. That’s probably why the “previously on” segment felt so long, but that’s a good thing since I definitely valued the recap, and enjoyed the recap-within-the-recap that the narrator added about Anezka paralyzing Petra. There was a lot going on in this hour with all fronts, centered on Jane being told that she shouldn’t meddle despite her constant desire to do so. While her visit to meet Tess was extremely awkward, ultimately it seems like she helped. I can’t imagine that Xiomara and Bruce are going to last long, but at least Alba, who is feeling awfully forgiving lately, is giving them a chance. Michael’s comedy career was short-lived, and it was sweet to see Jane go up there to coach him through the start of his bad joke. I did enjoy his impressions of people as other people, like the Godfather Batman, Jerry Seinfeld as ET, and Spongebob Captain Phillips. Rogelio’s attempt to have a baby with the perfect woman is working out a bit too well, and something tells me that Darcy is not going to be into the complication of a romance. It’s funny that Ricardo Chavira and Justina Machado are both on this show right now since they starred in a few “Six Feet Under” installments together over a decade ago. Whatever con Catalina is running on Rafael is the least of his worries since he’s once again decided to break the law and conceal the amendment to his father’s will that negates his claim to any money. Crossing Petra is also a bad idea, and she’s winning the award right now for the sneakiest character, dressing up as Anezka to get Scott to confirm that he’s in league with Rafael against her. I can only imagine what she has planned.

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