Saturday, January 7, 2017

What I’m Watching: People of Earth (Season Finale)

People of Earth: Season 1, Episodes 9 and 10 “Lost and Found” and “Snake Man and Little Guy” (B+)

I love this show, and I’m so happy that it’s coming back for a second season. This double-decker finale was fantastic, and a lot happened. The most important thing that we learned was that all of the members of the group – except for Jerry, of course – were all abducted as kids and then repeatedly taken back up for experiences. While Jeff is out for blood and just wants to kill the person who took his friend Kurt, both Jonathan and Don are far more compassionate about the human race. Seeing how Ozzie first got abducted was great, and Jonathan was always all about treating the humans with kindness. Richard tailing Nancy to Gina’s house and then seeing her fight with Jonathan made for a superb series events that helped Ozzie to put Jonathan’s identity together. Now they all have confirmation that aliens are real, and finally Jerry is able to get the chance he always wanted, which of course means that Yvonne is going to think that he stood her up. Other romantic developments were much sweeter, namely Kelly offering to go with Don to Iceland when he said that he needed to break up with her because the pressures were getting to be too much, and Chelsea supporting Doug on his quest for a vacation from the cloth and then realizing that they need to sleep together since it would make both of them much happier. This show has wonderfully exceeded all my expectations, and I can’t wait for everything about season two. I think this is the underpraised show I’m going to be recommending to everyone who’s looking for something good to start.

Season grade: A-
Season MVP: Everyone!

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