Monday, January 16, 2017

What I’m Watching: The Man in the High Castle

The Man in the High Castle: Season 2, Episode 5 “Duck and Cover” (B)

My interest in this show wanes every episode or two, and I found this installment to be considerably less engaging, though I am now halfway through the season. This show just got picked up for a third season, so it’s obviously headed somewhere, and I may just have to stick around for the whole thing since I still want to like it so much. What was cool about this episode and by far its most compelling moment was when Inspector Kido traveled to New York and met with John, marking the first meeting we’ve had between our top two villains who are also humanized in their own ways. John was right to point out that Kido could never have expected him to grant his request, and it’s intriguing that he traveled all that way to ask. As John is earning the ire of his wife for not focusing on protecting their son, it’s incredible just how many people are obsessed with Juliana. I was confused about Tate Donovan’s age when I recognized him after seeing his name on the credits last week as the man playing George Dixon, but the math does work out for him to be Trudy’s father and to be considerably older than Alexa Davalos even though he doesn’t necessarily look it. Him having to protect her from the good guys who want her dead makes her a dangerous target, and it’s a wonder that she’s still alive. Joe’s newfound information has changed his perspective already, and I’m not sure whether it will make him more or less in favor of helping the Nazi cause. Frank is getting in way over his head, but since the beginning it’s been clear that he needs to do something and make a difference, so it seems like he’s found both the cause and the avenue now.

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