Tuesday, January 3, 2017

What I’m Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 6, Episode 10 “Christmas Eve Eve” (B+)

This show often puts extraordinary effort into small moments that usually end up being nothing more than photo ops, like the introductory scene with the whole group dressed up like the players from the OJ Simpson trial (presumably inspired by the recent FX miniseries that won countless awards). With Halloween over, this show jumped straight to Christmas, with the unexpected cancellation of Christmas and the retention of just Secret Santa. Nick has a superb ability to think about things in a different way, like his reference to TV Town Song Room, which Schmidt was horrified to identify as Radio City Music Hall, and his repeated comments about the “Jew thing.” His misunderstanding of the “do” date was hilarious, and it’s also hard to believe that he would just leave early for the airport as a way to make up for his no-fly status. Jess deciding to fly Reagan in was a sweet, wonderful idea, and of course Nick had to spoil it all by coming up with a similar idea that would have ruined everything. I’m glad that Reagan is back, something I’m not sure I would have said at the beginning of Megan Fox’s tenure on this show, and I’m eager to see what happens now with her and Nick. Winston memorizing a tracking number rather than actually tracking it and sending his package to a Secret Santa codename that Schmidt refused was funny, and with all the jokes it was nice that the whole group got Jess a perfect Christmas present to thank her for everything.