Friday, January 20, 2017

What I’m Watching: The Great Indoors

The Great Indoors: Season 1, Episode 11 “Mason Blows Up” (B+)

This storyline was coming since the show started, and though much of it was pretty predictable, I’m pretty happy with how it all played out. Jack was keeping all of the good stories for himself because he didn’t think that any of his mentees were competent enough to really put the work in to do well and didn’t deserve to because of their millennial attitude. Mason scoring big with his exposé about the missing tiger was completely dominated by his obnoxious “Y’busted” catchphrase, something with Brooke hilariously insisted on defining for Jack while wearing the shirt and generally getting into the vibe of being up with what’s hip. Mason being asked to do a reedit of Jack’s piece and getting all the credit was the last straw, and their appearance on the radio show hosted by a whispering Ravi Patel in his most subdued guest spot ever was a real low point. Jack agreeing to give him real things to do was an important moment of growth, though he’s clearly not ready to listen to Clark recount his dreams. It was fun to see Clark, after unwillingly encouraging Emma stay with her boyfriend, start helping out at Eddie’s bar and recommending that every customer give up on their relationship. Accidentally guiding Emma’s boyfriend in the right direction was an unfortunate if totally foreseeable development, and now his likelihood of romancing her is considerably more diminished. My favorite part was Roland’s wild metaphorical lesson that involved threatening to shoot a real parrot with a water gun, a truly odd show of force indeed.

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