Tuesday, January 10, 2017

What I’m Watching: The Good Place

The Good Place: Season 1, Episode 10 “Chidi’s Choice” (B+)

I’ve missed this story, and it’s great to have it back so early in the year with so many characters up to so much. I’m particularly pleased to see that it’s moved beyond its original premise, which was Eleanor trying to stay hidden since she knew that there had been a big mistake, and now come to a point of acceptance that she’s there with her colleagues trying to get her to stay. Not only that, but there’s a pervading sense that, since the universe screwed up by putting her and Jianyu in the wrong place, maybe other mistakes were made too. Eleanor and Tahani’s consecutive confessions of love were entertaining, and we got to see, more than anything else in this episode, Chidi’s crippling indecision. It was fun to see Michael trying to be supportive only to lose all patience and point out that his inability to decide anything is literally what led to his death. Eleanor and Tahani both recanting their admissions of love didn’t help matters at all other than putting him back at square one, though at least his two would-be loves now get along and Tahani may have come up with a way for Fake Eleanor to stick around. I’m so happy that Jianyu talked to Janet and apparently decided to propose, leading them to connect in the best possible way. I’ll still contend that Jianyu is my favorite character on this show, though everyone is so great, and seeing him have the sleeveless wedding of his dreams with an intellectual artificial intelligence was pretty fantastic.

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