Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What I’m Watching: Homeland

Homeland: Season 6, Episode 2 “The Man in the Basement” (B-)

I don’t think I like the direction that a number of this show’s threads are headed. It seemed in the premiere that Carrie had turned a new leaf, working solely on advocating for those who were being wrongly targeted by intelligence agencies and the government to atone for many of her past sins. Saul’s visit during which he told her that it would be bad if it came out that she was secretly advising the president-elect on foreign policy and dealing with terrorism cases didn’t strike me as a realistic possibility, but of course that’s exactly what she was doing! I have some trouble believing that, since it’s a very influential position and one that I can’t imagine anyone in intelligence would have recommended for her, especially since Saul and Dar didn’t know about it. On that note, Dar is doing his very best to intimidate Hill Harper’s Rob, and while it’s not scaring him, it is forcing President Keane to be very reactive. Carrie’s suggestion of Saul is a good one, and hopefully he can help come back around to a place where he’s okay with what he’s doing. The discovery that Sekou was set up by an FBI agent calls everything into question since it’s the epitome of what Carrie’s organization looks for – someone completely innocent framed by the government for the purposes of scoring wins against terror. I wish that there wasn’t such a focus on Quinn since that whole plotline is really dragging. Ending the episode with Carrie crying after going back through what happened to Quinn with him felt like such an unenthusiastic whimper, and while the usual move to have Carrie get abducted in the middle of the night from her home, or something like that, might have seemed over-the-top, this was just underwhelming and indicative of a sluggish season ahead.

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