Tuesday, January 3, 2017

What I’m Watching: Search Party

Search Party: Season 1, Episodes 7 and 8 “The Riddle Within the Trash” and “The Return of the Forgotten Phantom” (B+)

The first of these two episodes was cool because it slowed things down a bit to really explore all of its main characters’ relationships. Dory and Drew never seemed like a terribly close couple, and here we got to see how both of them reacted to temptation. Drew managed to resist when his neighbor showed up, took her shirt off several times, and started dancing to seductive music. Dory, on the other hand, was drawn in by the allure of the excitement of being with Keith and investigating, and she went in without much hesitation for the kiss. It was only when she woke up to him being really messy and saying that he was falling for her that she decided it was time to bail, and the end of the second episode suggests that her nice night with Drew was quickly forgotten and the news of Lorraine’s death sent her right back to the thrill of the search to find the Facebook friend that she so strongly believes to be alive. All of the characters on this show are so able to transform dramatically at a moment’s notice, like Dory getting a job offer, quitting her job, and then realizing that the offer probably wasn’t going to come through. I loved the ending of the first episode, turning so unexpectedly serious and frightening when Elliot realized just how much of a lie Julien had caught him in. After admitting to Marc that he felt bad about being a narcissist and a liar, he just ran right out when the possibility of becoming famous presented itself. Portia telling him that she was upset with him for lying because her dad died of cancer and then making it seem like she was just acting was puzzling, but that’s part of what I really like abou this show. I’m curious to see what happens during the final two episodes of this season, and I’m glad to know that it will be back for a second round after that.

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