Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Round Two: Shut Eye

Shut Eye: Season 1, Episode 2 “The Hanged Man” (B-)

I’d like to be into this show, but I’ll admit that it’s been a few days since I watched this episode and I can barely remember a thing about it, which doesn’t recommend its enduring quality all that well. One element of the show that I didn’t expect to be a big part was that of David Zayas’ mobster, who survived a drive-by attempt at Charlie’s home and now feels that he’s indebted to the fake fortune teller. Charlie’s diagnosis of his son’s condition was a helpful way to make the link completely unbreakable, and it seemed silly that he brought Charlie along to tell him if his nephew had betrayed him and a simple nod from the guy meant that he should take him out by drowning him in the water used to make the donuts. Picking up a donut off the floor to eat it before commenting how good they are when they’re hot was more than a bit much, and I’m not sure that this show needs scenery-chewing given its already over-the-top premise. The same goes for the character of Fonso in general, who makes a terrible and unconvincing villain, and his threat-making via home-cooked steak that Linda decided she just had to throw out. You’d think she would be slightly more discreet than to kiss her secret lover Gina in broad daylight outside their motel. I think this is enough of this show for me at this point, though I may revisit it at some point if it gets renewed for another season and seems like it could be worth it.