Monday, January 9, 2017

Take Three: The OA

The OA: Season 1, Episode 3 “Champion” (B)

This show is nothing if not suspenseful, as the second half of this entire episode was while Prairie, or The OA as we still don’t know why she’s known, recounted the story of what happened when she was being held captive by Hap. It’s fascinating to see the world through her eyes, or rather to experience what she’s feeling when she smiles as the sun hits her face and then she starts to act as Hap’s housekeeper and make mental notes about his habits and routines so that she can work to plan her eventual escape. The other three captives are intriguing, with one of them just concerned about letting his son know that he didn’t abandon him and sending him $500. Grabbing an envelope so that they could write a message and ask Verizon for help was smart, and the moment that it went too far down the current was truly devastating. Making him a recipe from her childhood with an added dose of crushed-up sleeping pills was creative, and it’s just a shame that he injected himself with an epipen after realizing there was tomato paste in her recipe and was able to counteract the effects of her poison. I kept thinking the whole time that this was all not going to lead anywhere but then she did make her escape after pushing him down the stairs, only to be seemingly knocked out with a gun after running outside. I definitely want to know what happened next, and the only mildly worthwhile thing happening in the present is the new information we learned about Betty and how she’s having trouble getting past the loss of her brother.

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