Sunday, January 8, 2017

What I’m Watching: Sense8 (Christmas Special)

Sense8: Christmas Special (B+)

I’ve never been more excited to hear the words “Christmas Special.” Though this show was undeniably strange, it’s also fantastic and unique, and it’s great to have a little two-hour peek into this show’s singular universe before it returns for season two in May. Other Netflix series don’t get this privilege, so I consider this a great holiday present! It’s still not clear to me when or why each of these eight people step into each other’s lives to offer support and the skills that they know, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less exciting to see it happen. I’ll give this show credit for the clever way in which it indicated that the role of Capheus has been recast by reintroducing him and having him say that he got a different haircut, though I’m sad because I don’t think this new guy quite has the same energy, which makes the new Van Damme less enticing. The harrowing circumstances right now are happening to Sun as she faces new obstacles to getting out of prison and Lito as a proud admission of his sexuality led to terrible consequences both with work and his living situation. Nomi and Amanita are still having fun trying to evade authorities that are much less of a threat than someone like Whispers, and, as evidenced by the final scene of this installment, Wolfgang is the one in the most dangerous situation. And then there’s Will, who keeps having Riley sedate him whenever Whispers invades his thoughts, and he managed to turn the tables on him for a moment before realizing that Whispers was actually at his father’s home speaking to him. The most unforgettable moment of the episode was, of course, the crazy orgy that only feels normal and appropriate on this show. This tease got me pumped about this show again, and I look forward to its return in May!

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